Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The BIG difference

"The biggest thing for me is understanding that Washington isn't even about Democrats and Republicans. That's the biggest misconception about politics today. The reality is that powerful special interests have overrun the system and taken the voice from honest, hardworking, middle-class Americans."   ~ Sam Rasoul
Sam Rasoul and Bob Goodlatte seemed to be in agreement on many issues during last night's debate, yet there is a fundamental difference between the two men. 
Goodlatte, a D.C. insider, has tight connections with lobbyists and the big money political action committees who fund his and other campaigns. The PACs "invest" in candidates (especially incumbents) and expect a return on that investment. They want something for their money - a vote on a bill, an earmark, favored tax treatment.... Over time the relationship becomes too cozy. The campaign contributions are expected. The favored treatment is demanded.
Sam Rasoul has refused to accept any contributions from political action committees and even from the Democratic Party. While this has put him at a huge financial disadvantage to the incumbent, Rasoul stands firmly on the democratic principle that a congressman should represent the people, not self-serving groups. He has staked his campaign on this principle and he is unwavering.
If American wants to change Congress.... 
If America wants to recapture the legislative process from the special interests that rig the game to their advantage.... 
If America  wants a government "of the people, for the people, and by the people...."
Then we can do it on November 4 by electing Sam Rasoul and other candidates who promise to Change Congress.

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