Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jeff Frederick is a jerk - part 6

Jeff Schapiro exposes more about the soft underbelly of the Virginia Republican Party under the "leadership" of Jeff Frederick. Is he incompetent? Inept? Unethical? Or, just an embarrassment?
Frederick seems to have alienated half the party, dropped the ball on technology, and in general screwed things up. Although he says he isn't running for the House of Delegates again (good riddance) he is raising money. Although he won't quite say it, it is widely expected his wife will run. Apparently she is the only one who still loves him. Even mom has some doubts.
Schapiro has more about Frederick's racist remarks and the tensions it created with the McCain campaign:
The chatter over Frederick's tense relationship with McCain also continues. Frederick's apparent frustrations with McCain seem to reflect those of conservatives in general. The feelings must be mutual.
In an e-mail to Frederick after the latest dust-up, the McCain team warned, "Come on, man, this [expletive] has got to stop."
And these are values voters?
The soft underbelly of the Virginia GOP is that their values are corrupt.

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Progressive said...

I hope after Obama wins Virginia and the National election, Jeff Frederick and Chris Saxman will both be discredited.