Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat?

When the news about Barack Obama coming to JMU hit yesterday it sent ripples through the Democratic faithful and shivers down Republican backs. Obama bringing his campaign to the reddest area of a state the GOP has taken for granted as their turf for years shows how serious he takes Virginia and reaching out to all voters. The last time a presidential candidate came to Harrisonburg was Richard Nixon in 1968 and that was before he formally announced. I bet the Convocation Center will be packed and rockin'. You better arrive by 3:00 PM for the 5:15 PM rally if you want a seat. You should RSVP, but seating is still first-come, first-served.
Of course, this is Halloween week so there may be some political tricks and treating this week. The Staunton/Augusta Democrats are having a little Halloween Party on Friday evening. Details here. Does this mean I have to spend $150,000 for my costume? As Joe Biden said,
I know Halloween is coming up, but John McCain disguised as an agent of change is one thing the American people aren't buying.

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