Friday, October 17, 2008

Jeff Frederick is a jerk - part 4

Another newspaper has criticized the inept chairman of the VA GOP, Jeff Frederick. Most recently, the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star unloaded with this barrage:
Many young conservatives, especially, strive to prove manhood through their mouths. So here's a thought for Master Jeffrey if he wants to take it to the real, flesh-and-blood terrorists: Join the military. He's still age-eligible for the Army and Navy. Not only could the fierce-talking Mr. Frederick give al-Qaida what-for, but his absence would leave a GOP chairmanship vacancy that might be filled by a thoughtful grown-up. In which case: Democratic Secret Agent Limbaugh, foiled again!
Although the McCain campaign sought to distance itself from the flame throwing Frederick, John McCain himself refused to do so when given the chance. Now, struggling in vain to hold on to a state that has voted Republican in presidential elections since 1964, McCain will join the unrepentant Frederick at a Fairfax rally. 
Can you spell   G U I L T   B Y   A S S O C I A T I O N  ?

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