Thursday, October 2, 2008

Police state?

My son was stopped by a Virginia State Trooper yesterday. Not exactly pulled over, instead the trooper followed him into a gas station and pulled up behind him. The trooper questioned his taillights, which were working fine but are an aftermarket dressed up style. My son then told the trooper they were on the car when he bought it and he'd personally had it inspected twice, most recently in September, and the lights had never been questioned.
The trooper checked the inspection receipt and then quickly dropped the subject of the taillights, and shifted to quizzing my son about his Barack Obama bumper sticker (on the bumper below the "suspect" taillights). After asking a couple questions like, "Why are you supporting Obama?" and "What do you like about Obama?" the trooper retreated to his cruiser and left.
What a turkey!

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Progressive said...

Good thing he wasn't African American. Oh that's right, there's no such thing as racial profiling in Virgina.