Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bob's ties to a racist bird

Bob Goodlatte is friends with Bobby May. Who is Bobby May? What is so bad about him?
Bobby May is the southwest Virginia GOP activist, treasurer of the Buchanan County Republican Party, and racist who wrote a disgusting and offensive article attacking Barack Obama in his local newspaper. Among the vile crap, May wrote that Obama would hire Ludacris to paint the White House black, change the national antemm into the "black national anthemm," raise taxes to "pay for Obama's inner-city political base" and replace the U.S. flag with a new one that had "a star and crescent logo."
May was a member John McCain's Virginia leadership team. The McCain campaign broke off the relationship with with him only after the story went national when the Los Angeles Times published parts of May's vitriol. A few days later, Bob McDonnell, a co-chair of McCain's Virginia leadership team, current attorney general, and a candidate for governor in 2009, also sought to distance himself from May. So far, no comment has been heard from Chris Saxman, another outspoken member of the leadership team and member of the House of Delegates from Staunton. 
Back to Bob Goodlatte. What exactly is his relationship with Bobby May? I think Bob owes us all an explanation. We do know that the Goodlatte campaign throws significant cash to Mr. May's advertising business. According to, the Goodlatte campaign bought $7,508 from May Advertising Specialities in 2006. Was there even a campaign then? Records for campaign expenditures are not complete for 2008, but it is likely the close relationship continues.
Virginia Public Access Project records show May Advertising Specialities has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Republican candidates in Virginia, including over $9,000 by the Staunton delegate and almost $75,000 by the attorney general.
Ah, the ties that bind. Mr. Goodlatte, tell us more about your ties and friendship with Bobby May.
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