Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pond Scum

I received this photoshopped picture in my U.S. Postal Service mailbox today. The envelope was postmarked Charlottesville, which could be many places in central Virginia or the Shenandoah Valley. Of course, the cowardly pussy who sent it didn't include a return address or sign his/her disgusting note, printed in bright red, which read:
The original of the photograph is below. It is the creative work of Ted Szukalski who has a great website of his creative and original photographs. He is appalled that his copyrighted work is now being used for obscene political purposes. Szukalski says:
It is not often that I would post the same image twice in my stories. However , this photo of the homeless man and a women has become part of dirty tricks in American presidential campaign.
Someone has doctored this image to portrait Barack Obama as the shoe shine man and Sara Palin as his customer. This altered image is being circulated via email in USA. The perpetrator of this plagiarism left my copyright notice, which contains the address of this website, thus implying it was my original work. This is quite a low act as it involuntarily involves me and my photographic work in American presidential campaign, which I honestly do not know much about nor do I follow it. I certainly do not have favourite views either for American Democrats or Republicans.
I would like to assure both senator Barack Obama and Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin that the altered image has not been created, authorised, endorsed or distributed by me.
I'll save this in my collection of hate in the Shenandoah Valley. Along with the Obama sign spray painted with "KKK." Along with the Obama/Warner/Rasoul sign with "nigger" painted over Obama's name. Along with my phone message that shouted "nigger lover."
The Shenandoah Valley has beautiful scenery and many wonderful people. But, in our midst are a few hateful racists. People who have been encouraged by the mean-spirited McCain/Palin rhetoric. Haters that are kept at arm's length but are nevertheless encouraged by some local Republicans. Low life pond scum who have no appreciation or idea of what it means to live in a democracy.
For shame, Shenandoah Valley. You see yourself as a Christian area who loves your neighbor and treats others as you want to be treated, but at the same time some among us aid and abet racists who do these disgusting things. Or you look the other way. I'm not sure which is worse - being evil or being silent in the face of evil. 

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unionman said...

Worse than pond scum. When one walks their dog in Gypsy Hill Park, you're suppose to clean up after it.