Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm Voting for the Chick?

The VP debate has come and gone - who won? Like most of these much anticipated debates, there is no clear answer and it often depends who you ask.
Senator Biden did well and demonstrated his grasp on a wide range of domestic, military, and foreign policy issues. No gaffes. Most Democrats are probably pleased with his performance in the debate and on the campaign trail. Biden will be at a rally in Roanoke this Sunday. One can picture him as a trusted advisor to a President Obama, a leader in the Senate (especially since it will likely have a Democratic majority), and fully ready to take over if necessary.
Governor Palin also did well, especially since the bar had been set very low by her bungling media performances in the past few weeks. She was witty, personable, and in spite of some errors of fact, never quite had that deer in the headlights look she exhibited in the Couric interviews. She did repeat some of the talking points that several days of extensive coaching had taught her. I imagine most conservative Republicans are pleased that she survived this low hurdle. But, can you really imagine her as a inner circle advisor to a President McCain? Or ready to take over the presidency if necessary? I can't - not in a heartbeat.
An aside that may have some significance - as Biden and Palin greeted each other she asked if it was OK to call him Joe? Biden, at heart a working class kind of guy, had no problem with it. Palin referred to him by his first name throughout the debate while he always addressed her as governor. Did she put herself on his level, or did she seem too flip and disrespectful? Did he seem too formal? The answer may depend on the age of the viewer. Or maybe it makes little difference.
Both Biden and Palin achieved some of their goals in the debate. He reestablished his strong policy credentials and tied McCain to failed policies. She made effective use of her inexperience to make herself a bit endearing and probably silenced the late night comics... for now. At any rate, the story will be front page for 24 hours and then be lost in the financial meltdown, the vote in the House of Representatives, and the stock market opening on Monday.
Folks have noticed "I'm voting for the chick" signs popping up around the central Shenandoah Valley. Not sure who authorized and bought these, but if they think they help elect Palin, they ought to have their head examined. Now, CCC certainly likes "chicks," but referring to a human female as a chick carries the connotation of being young, cute, and air headed. It is a Palin-putdown that those who put up such signs probably don't understand. If the description fits... 
These signs remind me of "womanless beauty pageants" that are still fairly popular in the area. Guys dress up a females, "celebrating" what a guy apparently wants in a girl - big boobs and a shapely butt - but never the recognizing the female as a person. I find them repulsive and lacking of all beauty. Childish. Many of my conservative Republican friends really get into these womanless beauty pageants. Maybe these guys slip off to the big city and are secret weekend cross-dressers?
These signs and pageants represent deep seated disdain and disrespect for women. If by some fluke, McCain/Palin are elected we can expect to to see the vice president quickly shunted to the back room. Unless fashion tips are needed for McCain's friends.

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