Thursday, April 16, 2009

By the numbers

The four gubernatorial candidates released their fundraising numbers for the period from January 1 to March 31 and to nobody's surprise they racked up some big numbers. A total of $7.8 million was raised during the period.
Terry McAuliffe raised over half of the total, $4.2 million, with a whopping 82% from out-of-state donors.
Senator Creigh Deeds, who was restricted from fundraising for about half the period because the General Assembly was in session, raised $600,000 with nearly all, 93%, coming from in-state donors.
Brian Moran raised $800,000 with 90% coming from in-state donors.
While one can applaud McAuliffe's fundraising prowess, you have to admit the other two candidates have people power. Those in-state donors and their families will actually show up and be voting in the primary. McAuliffe big bucks may not translate to votes on June 9 - in fact, they may work against him if Virginia Democrats get the feeling (already have the feeling) that he's buying the nomination.
On the Republican side, Bob McDonnell raised $2.2 million with 62% coming from out-of-state. 

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