Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stand UP for VA

Republicans in the General Assembly made a mistake - Virginians know it, but some in the GOP just can't seem to admit it. Marching in lockstep with their gubernatorial candidate, "heartless" Bob McDonnell, House Republicans rejected $125 million in federal stimulus funds targeted to help unemployed Virginians.
The number of people without jobs is rising, affecting thousands of Virginia families. Nearly 300,000 Virginians are unemployed (and this doesn't count the underemployed) and the statewide unemployment rate is 6.6%. In the central Valley, it tops 7% in many localities, and the unemployment rate is over 10% in Waynesboro (Hello, calling Delegate Steve Landes... is anybody home?). The federal unemployment funds would have helped 8,000 Virginians in job training programs and seeking part-time work. In addition to helping families, money would have flowed into local businesses boosting those communities most hammered by the economic downturn.
So, what to do? The vote is done, the mistake made, right? Well, it is never to late for the let-'em-eat cake Republicans to admit a mistake and correct it. Governor Kaine wants to call a special session to focus on unemployment, but there is no point if no Republicans will man-up and agree to revisit the issue. We don't need all of them to change - just four or five reasonable Republicans would get the job done. Delegate Landes might answer that call - you can contact him at Del_Landes@house.state.va.us. It is less likely that right wing ideologues will even listen. You can Stand Up for VA and send a clear message to all House Republicans by signing the petition:
We, the undersigned, are outraged by the House of Delegates’ decision to follow the lead of gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell and vote to send $125 million of our federal tax dollars back to Washington.
With nearly 300,000 Virginians out of work - and more people joining their ranks every day through no fault of their own - it’s clear that Virginia families are hurting.
We demand that the General Assembly go back to Richmond, fix this mistake, and do what's right for Virginians. It's time for our elected leaders to stand up for Virginia and vote to accept the economic relief we deserve.
Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over till its over." He was, of course, referring to baseball. The same is true in politics - this battle to do the right thing isn't over unless we sit silently on the sidelines. Sign the petition. Do it now!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad SOMEONE is looking out for the people of VA. I can't believe McDonnell wouldn't want to help people who have been laid off. This is enough to get me to vote against him.