Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fair play

With today's edition, The News Leader has now given three delegates, Chris Saxman (R-20), Ben Cline (R-24), and Steve Landes (R-25) generous column space to explain why they voted against accepting federal stimulus money to assist unemployed Virginians and boost our local economies.
This is an issue keenly followed across the state, especially in areas with rapidly rising unemployment. In Augusta County and Staunton it tops 7% and things are even more dire in Waynesboro where the unemployment rate is over 10%. There is a possibility the governor will call a special session to that a fresh look ways to use the federal funding to benefit Virginians.
In the spirit of fair play and a robust debate, The News Leader should offer comparable column space to the individuals who will be challenging those delegates this fall. In the 20th, the Democratic nominee is Erik Curren, in the 24th Jeff Price is the only announced candidate for the Democratic nomination, and in the 25th Greg Marrow and James Noel are running for the nomination which will be decided in the June 9 primary.


unionman said...

It will be interesting to see if the News Leader does offer opposing view points. The Editorial people are so up and down, and it seems one doen't know what to expct next. Like the cheap shot against Deeds recently in the editorial cartoon.

Belle Rose said...

The News Leader didn't give him a column, but Erik Curren had a wonderful letter to the editor today.