Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time to turn off the wireless?

Perhaps we should turn off the wireless in the State Capitol during floor sessions of the Virginia General Assembly? Or at least install a good firewall like used in schools.
According to student journalists at the Capitol News Service @ VCU, a number of delegates were surfing the web rather than paying attention to the debates and votes that affect all Virginians. Yes, our esteemed "leaders" were found visiting friends on Facebook, shopping for guns and furniture, checking out Civil War relics, and instant messaging. Staunton Delegate Chris Saxman was engrossed in the The Drudge Report.
Come on guys and gals, this ain't middle school. We send you to Richmond to do the people's business, not shop till you drop, social network, or read online tabloids. Besides, even lowly state employees can be disciplined for using state computers for playing games, surfing the net, or visiting irrelevant sites during business hours - shouldn't the same rules apply to the big birds? Cluck!


Progressive said...

Boy this pisses me off big time. Where I work, the Director just sent out a recent email with a not so veiled threat that "Blue Coat" is now installed and can give individual reports on individual PC's.He further stated that a new Departmental Instruction was being written and discipline measures would be included. Now don't get me wrong...I'm not saying when you're on the clock you should be spending all your time surfing the web. But it would become apparent quite quickly if you weren't doing your job. I remember when George Allen came in as Governor one of the first things he did was to send techs around to "hide" any card games on PC's. Sure you have screw-ups in any business or organization, but to assume that we all are screw-ups and treat us a naughty children just sucks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Saxman is kind of a holier than thou born again prick who likes to preach to unwashed state employees about their inefficiencies, but this time got burned by his own sermon. Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...
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