Thursday, April 2, 2009

Private birds

Governor Tim Kaine has signed HB 1587 (Marshall) and SB 1431 (Cuccinelli) that prohibit the state from complying with provisions of the federal Real ID Act that compromises individual privacy rights by collecting biometric and financial data from citizens. Virginia is the 22nd state to pass legislation rejecting parts of Real ID. This law requires states to issue IDs, approved by the U.S. Government, for any person wishing to board commercial aircraft or go into federal facilities. The confidential and personal info required for the ID would be stored in a federal data base - we'd be vulnerable to identity theft and other invasions of personal privacy.
The sponsors, Delegate Marshall and Senator Cuccinelli, are two of the most conservative members of the General Assembly. This issue has united Americans of all stripes - conservative, liberal, and moderate. It is interesting to this bird that Marshall and Cuccinelli probably can't find "privacy" in the United States Constitution, they DO find privacy rights important in this instance. However, ask them about privacy rights when it comes to reproductive rights!!
But, back to Real ID. For more information about Real ID and its "Big Brother" consequences, check out the ACLU's Press Release. To thank Governor Kaine for signing the bill, click here.
In a related story, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles announced it is changing drivers licenses to include enhanced security features required by Real ID. Among the changes are black & white laser engraved photos, raised lettering, shades of various colors, and a hologram of the official seal of the Commonwealth that can can only be seen under a black light. The new security features are supposed to make licenses tamper-proof and help prevent forgeries. Where did I read that the bad guys are always two steps ahead of the government?

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Anonymous said...

Ask Ron Paul about "privacy" rights in the constitution. I would take an OB-GYN's word on it that life begins at conception, and therefor protected.

I am very happy about stopping this Real ID.