Friday, April 3, 2009

Idiots among us

A fellow by the name of David Patterson of Lyndhurst, VA blamed the News Leader's downsizing on that paper's left wing slant. Hum, does this clown have a clue? The News Leader is a far cry from... gasp... liberal. Let's look at recent news to see what's happening in the newspaper business.
The News Virginian, with a right wing editorial slant, has gone through a couple rounds of layoffs and there are rumors it may end the print edition and go totally online. The Daily News-Record of Harrisonburg, off the right edge of the earth politically, has downsized the newspaper. And just today, the Republican... I mean Richmond Times-Dispatch, is reported to be laying off 90 employees. And, as previously noted, the wonderful eightyone is going out of business.
Mr. Patterson, the decline of the News Leader has nothing to do with the opinions expressed on the editorial page, it has everything to do with the changing media environment, TV, the internet, and the collapsing economy inherited from George Bush. Your letter was yet another example of a right wing brain duped and doped by Fox.

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Progressive said...

I hear the right wingnuts kool aid tastes good. I think I'll pass though.