Thursday, April 9, 2009

Creigh Deeds scares the bejesus out of opponents

Gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds has gone far beyond anyone's expectations for fundraising. Remember, Deeds kept his seat in the Senate of Virginia to do the people's business. In doing so, he passed up 46 days of fundraising and campaigning while his opponents were stumping and hitting up everyone and their uncle for a donation.
But Deeds surprised everyone, perhaps even the candidate himself, by raising more money in 44 days than he'd raised in the previous six months! He now has $1.2 million cash-on-hand... an astonishing 97% from Virginians. Sure, Terry McAuliffe has raised more... but how much is from out-of-state from people who don't know Virginia or care about our issues?
Creigh has the issues, the Virginia experience, the policy expertise, and the heart to carry on in the Warner/Kaine tradition that has moved Virginia forward. He is the only candidate who can whip RightWingBob in November. But, first he needs to win the June 9 primary. Want to help? Let me tell you where to go! If that isn't your cup of tea, go here to volunteer.

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Anonymous said...

According to CobaltVA Terry Mc only got 18% of his donations in VA.